Who We Are.

EchoVision films is a New York/Florida based independent film production and bridge finance company. We work in the early stages of the filmmaking process from inception, finance and development. By procuring relationships with investors and Hedge fund firms on both coasts we are pushing our ideas of creating ground breaking cinema and bringing them to the largest audiences possible.

About our Founder Ed Cho.

A native of New Jersey Ed has been a professional standup comedian for the last 15 years. Ed has performed all over the world and his passion for the arts matured into a career for filmmaking and production. He has directed independent projects that has shown at major festivals and has produced commercials for clients as Ruth Chris and Viking Cruises.

Bridge Financing

EchoVision Films can provide bridge financing for selected applicants to continue production prior to its primary closing with a recognized lender. Many small independent Producers/Directors risk losing actors and other key elements while waiting for their main financing solution to close. Bridge loans can help keep productions moving forward without the risk of loss of staff, insignificant liquidity etc. hampering the production. EchoVision will lend private money varying for each project.

Directing & Producing

EchoVision can produce independent films, corporate, commercial/business and web/online content with cutting edge technology. It is our goal to take your project from pre-production through final distribution on the platform of your choice. Our filmmakers take pride in producing content that captivate and motivate the client/audience.


EchoVision inhouse editing includes experienced editors that will cater to all your digital needs. We are well versed in non-linear editing programs and accept footage from practically any format. Our services include but are not limited to: Footage review and selection, video editing, feedback, sound mixing, after-effects, animation, color correction etc. Please contact us to discuss your project and needs.